Mist eliminator

Mist eliminators are used wherever droplets of pollutant or process materials occur which have to be removed from highly saturated exhaust air. This is necessary in areas such as surface treatment operations and in the chemicals and electronics industry.

The separation capacity is characterised by the smallest separable droplet, known as the limiting droplet.

The optimum shape of the profile and the technical process parameters are always determined on a project-by-project basis and are therefore specific to your company. During the process, the mist eliminator profile deflects the exhaust air extracted by the Colasit plastic fan several times. This deflection separates the droplets from the saturated exhaust air. The subsequent condensate is then guided out of the system.

The basic dimensions of the system are set to achieve a separation rate of 99.9% of all droplets which are bigger than the limiting droplet diameter.



  • Cooling, heating or drying of corrosive gas or exhaust air
  • Condensation of corrosive gas components
  • Energy recovery by means of heat pumps
  • Air cooling or heating of (corrosive) liquids by means of air/exhaust air


The exhaust air drawn in by a plastic fan is deflected several times by a profile grille. Due to their inertia, the entrained droplets bounce against the profile walls where they are separated. They can then be xtracted at the base of the system.


Volume flow:
min. 100 m3/h to max. 150'000 m3/h
Operating temperatur:
min. -30 °C to max. 140 °C


  • All-plastic heat exchanger, pipe package, manufactured from mass-produced, replaceable modules.
  • Collector made of thick-walled plastic pipe located in the gas flow.
  • The connections pass gas-tight through the casing wall, flanges according to DIN 2501.
  • Crane-compatible and torsion-resistant casing welded gas-tight from plastic plates.
  • Integrated condensate sump for horizontal gas flows. 


  • Cleaning device
  • Droplet separator