Gas/water heat exchanger

Taking an ecological and sustainable approach is becoming increasingly important. It is therefore vital that the rate of energy recovery from contaminated exhaust air streams continues to improve. We therefore always aim to comply with the limit values in EU guidelines.

Our high-quality, corrosion-resistant, plastic heat exchanger is the key element for making efficient use of heat from aggressive gases and liquid media. Our plastic heat exchangers are extremely chemically resistant and easy to clean. It also goes without saying, that these heat exchangers meet all the European energy efficiency standards.

The low pressure loss means that the heat exchanger is very economical. To achieve this, the correct technical configuration and choice of materials are particularly important.

COLASIT heat exchangers have a modular structure. This flexible modular system means that we can also offer you custom solutions.

COLASIT heat exchangers are made entirely of plastic and are completely corrosion-resistant.

Each COLASIT heat exchanger is calculated individually. Just forward your design data and we will send you a detailed quotation in no time at all.

All COLASIT heat exchangers have a modular construction. Their size is primarily determined by the mass flows and capacities and only slightly by the components.

Two clear pipe spacing options of approx. 5 and 12 mm are available for clean and dirty gases.

COLASIT heat exchangers are generally cleaned with pressurised water. Cleaning chemicals can also be used depending on the contamination and the material.

Wärmetauscher aus Kunststoff von Colasit



  • Heat recovery from aggressive exhaust air, e.g. in the electroplating, chemical and electronics industries.
  • Cooling aggressive exhaust gases from scrubbers and subsequent heating, e.g. in drying technology, chemical metal processing, waste incineration, sewage sludge incineration, etc.
  • As a condenser for vapours in chemistry, pharmaceuticals, drying technology etc.


Volume flow:
min. 100 m3/h to max. 150'000 m3/h
Operating pressure:
max. 316 Pa
Operating temperatur:
min. -30 °C to max. 140 °C


  • Tube outside diameter 6.4 mm, wall thickness 0.6 mm
  • Headers located in the gas flow
  • Casing made from hollow chamber plates or extruded plates depending on size
  • Casing welded gas-tight including condensate drip tray


  • Cleaning device
  • Droplet separator