COLASIT cross-flow exhaust horizontal air scrubbers, series RHE, clean up to 45,000 m3/h of polluted process air exhaust with high levels of acidic or basic contamination as standard. Special versions with greater air performance are available on request.

Can also be configured for ATEX Zones 1 and 2.

Wäscher horizontal aus Kunststoff von Colasit



Purification of highly contaminated process exhaust air with acidic or basic impurities.


A scrubbing liquid is injected into the exhaust air as it flows horizontally into the circuit. Water-soluble contaminants are washed out by adding alkalis or acids and contaminants are collected in a sump.


Volume flow:
min. 1'800 m3/h to max. 45'000 m3/h
Operating pressure:
max. 1'500 Pa
Operating temperatur:
min. -30 °C to max. 120 °C
max. 99.0 %


Made from non-corrosive plastics: PP, PPs, PE, PVC, PVDF, glass-fibre reinforced plastic fillers ensure sufficient interface between the gas and liquid phases. Separation of entrained liquid droplets by droplet separator.

Ex Protection

EX LogoVersion available in ATEX zones 1 + 2


  • pH measurement, conductivity measurement
  • Chemical dosing, dosing tank
  • Automatic desludging of the scrubbing liquid
  • Outdoor installation option, screw-in heater
  • Angled base


Custom design to your specifications.