Swimming pool and steam bath dehumidification with COLASIT fans


Colasit supplies corrosion-resistant fans made of plastic for swimming pool and steam bath dehumidification and generally humid air and ambient conditions

Since 2017, Colasit Deutschland GmbH, Sankt Augustin, has been equipping Hofer Group Srl-GmbH, Sankt Christina/ South Tyrol, with corrosion-resistant plastic fans. The fans are selected in sizes 75 to 315 for the different volume flows with the fan selection program "ColaVent" to match the existing operating condition of the system characteristic curve. Neither too large (increased vibrations due to pumping) nor too small (increased resistance due to excessive flow velocities) fans must be selected. At the same time, it is necessary for a good overall efficiency that the drive power is selected appropriately for the design point. This means that the motor should operate in its best full-load range if possible and should not be unnecessarily overdimensioned, but also not too tightly dimensioned. Exhaust air fans in swimming pools and wellness areas, especially in steam baths, are subject to heavy loads due to high humidity. For this purpose, there is a condensate drain in the plastic housing that can be connected to a siphon. Another aspect for plastic is the use of cleaning concentrates and disinfectants. Due to the variable frequency converter control, the fan can be used flexibly in its speed.

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