COLASIT exhaust air control cone (C-FLRK) for variable flow rate


Corrosion-resistant C-FLRK for laboratory exhaust air with exhaust air velocities > 7 m/s

According to the guidelines VDI- 2280:2005 "Discharge conditions for organic solvents" and VDI 3781:2017 Part 4 "Environmental meteorology, discharge conditions for exhaust gases...", a discharge velocity of at least 7 m/s vertically upwards in order to ensure sufficient dilution and undisturbed removal of the exhaust gases with the free air flow.

The velocity controller is an automatic, purely mechanical controller for flow velocities that are constantly above a specified minimum velocity. The almost maintenance-free speed controller works without external energy. Its smooth-running, centrally mounted inner cone uses minimal aerodynamic forces (pressure and friction) and spring forces to set the desired minimum speed.

The inner cone made of PPs plastic material with a flow-optimised shape is tightly welded as a hollow body, aerodynamically optimised and with the best acoustic sound power/pressure level. The cone is spring-mounted for easy movement. The casing is temperature and weather resistant. The bottom section has the pipe sizes DN (outside diameter) according to DIN EN ISO 6708:1995 made of PPs, The PPs upper part is designed as an outer cone to match the inner cone. The pressure spring made of stainless chrome-nickel alloyed spring steel wire X10CrNi18-8 according to EN 10270-3 functions purely mechanically, i.e. without external energy and therefore self-sufficient. The standard has a flanged foot with internal rain collar.

With an optionally engraved scale on the inside of the outer cone, the set volumetric flow can be read indirectly. Stainless steel cladding (brushed) is available (option). The C-FLRK are approved for conveying potentially explosive air as CE-Ex units II 3G Ex h IIB+H2 T3 Gc in accordance with ATEX 114 as per RL 2014/34/EU also with droplets in PPs-el plastic material. 

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Air control cone C-FLRK