CMVpro InBox fan - update


Colasit centrifugal fans with PM motors, variable speed and eligible up to 40%. The Inbox fans are available from stock.

COLASIT centrifugal fan CMVpro 125 to 400 /PM (IE5) or alternatively /DS (IE3). 

The highly efficient PPs fan with its profiled blades is aerodynamically and acoustically "Best in Class" (up to 82 % efficiency).

Plastic centrifugal fans are installed for corrosion-resistant extraction in chemical, pharmaceutical and laboratory techniques. You should not compromise and choose the highest quality product, which will immediately save you money and significantly minimise your carbon footprint.

COLASIT plastic centrifugal fans meet the energy efficiency required by the ErP (Ecodesign) Directive and will also fully comply with the latest ESPR (Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation).

The simple plug-and-play system with attached IP66 control unit is pre-programmed for you, making installation easy as pie. The fan is to be connected to your piping system via the supplied suction- and pressure-side sleeves and placed on the vibration dampers that reduce structure-borne noise. Connect a conducting line, 1-phase or 3-phase, and the system is running.

The installed PM motors of the highest efficiency class IE5 are a further development of the well-known EC technology. Together with the control unit in IE2, the overall system achieves the best classification in IES2 according to DIN EN IEC 61800-9-2:2018, which generally reduces power consumption by a further 10 %. The SFP (specific fan power) value also improves as a consequence.

CMVpro Inbox