Global leader in chemically resistant plastic products

COLASIT has been developing and producing systems and components for the transportation and purification of polluted air since 1945. Today we have a global presence with our own subsidiaries in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Singapore as well as representatives in 13 other countries.

The COLASIT online design programme ColaVent, our BIM/CAD data and our experience combine to offer our customers optimum support during the planning stage which pays off. We manufacture and install our products the highest Swiss standard. All our products are developed and manufactured with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind. And in terms of plastic fan efficiency, Colasit represents the state-of-the-art. 

The COLASIT team combines many years of experience with expert knowledge in all areas of the industry, laying the foundation for optimum customer satisfaction, meeting your objectives and more, and is one of the global leader in chemically resistant plastic products. We won’t have fogotten tomorrow what is important to you today!